In which Gruber harangues Tim Wu

Tim Wu, for The New Yorker Linkbait News Desk:

The old tech adage is that “open beats closed.” In other words, open technological systems, or those that allow interoperability, always beat their closed competitors.

John Gruber:

[O]pen-vs.-closed carries no special weight in determining success as a general rule. Apple is not an exception to the rule; rather, it is a perfect example that the rule is nonsense.

O link-baiter, thou dost beguile us. Thine analytic countenance, affected so, obscures thy pulpy, unsubstantive skull ‘neath which resides yet more fatuous stuff. Thanks be to the knights of reason, the slayers of bullshit who allay the fear and doubt you sow so callously and selfishly. Also, fuck you.

Gruber’s at his best here.